Saturday, July 7, 2012

Are Veggies really good for you?

I really like reading blog posts, both positive and negative, this will be my first negative review and I feel bad but I think it is important to give honest feedback, and you can't like everything you try.  In my last post (here),  I said that I would review my Body Shop bargains once I had used them. It's been a week now so here we go (I apologise for the vegetable pictures) ....

Cucumber Milk Cleanser: This was a huge disappointment. The milky texture feels thick, greasy and leaves a residue on your face. It doesn't wash off mascara or make doesn't even feel like you've washed your face at all! My husband tried it and even he said it was bad! I would say save your £2 for some chocolate!

Cucumber Toner: This was nice. It's gentle, refreshing and has a nice smell. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated. It takes off dirt really well, the cotton bad was disgusting after the disappointing cleanse so you know it's doing its job. This product would feel lovely after being our in the sun or for a bit of a refresh on a hot day. I would buy this again.

Carrot Moisturizer: It has a good texture, very creamy. I would only recommend for people with dry skin. I have normal to dry and still find it a bit oily. If you are only interested in hydration and not the other goodies it would possibly be a good night cream given the thicker texture.

Can anyone recommend good skincare for normal/ dry skin that I wont have to sell a kidney for?

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