Monday, June 18, 2012

Who's 'That Girl'....?

Whenever I see the little bottle on my drawers, I always think of the theme song to New Girl, 'Who's that's Jess'.That show is hilarious!

I got a a deluxe sample of Benefits 'That Girl' in the July Glamour Magazine and I decided to do a blog about it because I was so surprised. I have always thought that Benefits packaging was so cute but I haven't really valued their quality,I had always thought of it sort of like play make up. After trying this sample, I stand corrected. My make up stays put all day. It's light, creamy, smooth and smells great.  The light reflecting particles give the skin a nice healthy glow and at the moment they have cute London packaging. I will definitely be purchasing the full Size product once my current Primer runs out.